Sakrmoon for Trade and Construction was established in 1991 as a family business, working in two main fields with the Egyptian government. The first is accomplishing construction projects for unique government buildings, and the second core business is supplying of construction materials to the government from local and international markets.


Our core service is to supply our clients with their needs from construction materials and sevices, specifically materials and services that are considered new to the Egyptian market. Our clients are the biggest construction companies in Egypt. Our strength is in the market research performed by our business development team that knows ahead our clients’ current and futuristic demand for materials and services that would help them execute their missions in the national mega projects efficiently and effectively.

In collaboration with the contracting team we successfully supply our clients with the best options available for their needs through collaborations with international vendors. If you are an international supplier for construction material, Sakrmoon is your best business partner to penetrate the Egyptian market.


Sakrmoon is honored to be part of most of the national mega projects executed in Egypt through supplying the main contactors with the needed construction materials and services.


From the perspective of social responsibility, we believe that we must have a positive role in supporting our community. In this context, Sakrmoon believes that supporting underprivileged students who excel in school is one of the most important social responsibilities.

In 2021 Sakrmoon took the initiative to launch “100 Zewail”, this is a non-profit social development project aimed at supporting academically excelling students from national public schools from the first year preparatory to the third year secondary.

Our vision is to provide an integrated lifestyle that includes complementary elements that would assist in raising well educated, psychologically balanced personalities, through educational, psychological, health, recreational, and financial support.


We have the pride to be a main supplier to an honorable list of clients.

Our presence in the Egyptian market since 1991 helped us build very trustable relations with the biggest construction companies in Egypt.